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What's a Derma roller?How to use derma roller?

What's a Derma roller?
Derma rollers have become increasingly popular over the last decade, and many women and men use them for all sorts of skin-related problems: acne, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, anti-aging, wrinkles, and even hyper-pigmentation. 
A derma (skin) roller is a small barrel-like roller with around 200 tiny micro-needles that, when rolled on the skin, create tiny punctures in it, pushing the pores open for a short period of time. The body reacts as if it has been damaged, releasing growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, forming new, healthy skin. The roller can be used on almost any part of the body, except the eyelids and lips.
Before you use dermaroller, please do the 3 steps :
1) Check the needles heads of the dermaroller, if there is a needle bent / twisted / broken, please don't use the dermaroller anymore because it 
will create more new scars, you have to throw it to dustbin and go buy a new dermaroller. If you feel 1 or 2 needles pulling your skin when you 
are dermarolling your skin, you MUST stop using it, because there is 1 or 2 bent needles. You will find out the bent needles if you check all the 
needles carefully.
2) Wash the dermaroller with soap + water (me and most of my customers also do it, but some other perfectionise people want perfect clean, they 
use salt water or 75% alcohol to clean it).
3) Wash your face with facial cleanser before you start dermarolling your face.
How to use dermaroller (if you don't want to bleed) :
1) Use dermaroller to roll on your skin vertically for 10 times, horizontally for 10 times to form + shape. Then roll another 20 times with 
different directions to form x shape, like the above picture.
2) Apply cream on your skin. Click here for the info of cream.
How to use dermaroller (if you want to roll harder with long needles roller until bleed a lot) :
1) Apply lidocain 10% spray for 30 seconds to numb your skin to prevent the pain later. Click here for the info of lidocain 10% spray.
2) Use dermaroller to roll on your skin for 10 times per direction to form + shape and x shape, like the above picture.
3) Wash away the lidocain from your face with water.
4) Apply cream on your skin. Click here for the info of cream.
How many time I can dermarolling in a month?
It is depend on how fast your skin can heal/recovery. Normally if you roll harder with longer needles causing a lot of bleed, you will need to 
wait 3 days to let the redness disappear and you will need to wait another 4 days to let the blackness disappear, so total 7 days that you need to 
wait. You can dermarolling again only when all redness and blackness disappear, because if you dermarolling too many times on redness / blackness 
scars, it will cause hyperpigmentation appear. So 1 week can roll 1 time only if you plan to roll harder until bleed. Laser treatment also can do 
only 1 time per month right? Because worry hyperpigmentation appear.
What length of dermaroller should I use?
2.5mm or 3mm is for body skins like legs, ass, stomach which have thicker skin.
1.5mm or 2mm is for removing the sink inside scars like ice-pick, pitted / boxcar, rolling scars, wrinkles.
1mm is for dark black scars, hyperpigmentation, pigmentation.
0.2mm to 0.75mm are used to make the beautiful skin become more beautiful, or used to make the skin more easy absorb the nutricient of cream 
How many sessions that A dermaroller can be used?
30 to 50 sessions. You can use it until the head of needles no longer sharp.
How long it takes to removes all my deep scars completely?
10 months if you dermarolling without apply any cream. 7 months if you dermarolling + revitol / dermagist cream (it is based on 10 days per 
Should I use derma-roller or derma-stamp?
Derma-roller head is bigger. Derma-stamp head is smaller. So it is better you use dermaroller if you have many scars on big area on your face, 
because you will need to spend long long time if you use small head derma-stamp on big area. You can use derma-stamp on the small area which 
derma-roller cannot reach, for example the nose area and near the eyes area.
Can I dermarolling on pimples / acnes areas?
Some people even a doctors say dermarolling on pimples area can cure and remove all pimples, but I suggest you don't dermarolling on pimples / 
acne areas. If you still have acnes / pimples breakout on your skin, I suggest you use RM28 Caroline Refining Trial Set to cure pimples and 
prevent pimple breakout.
Can I use dermaroller without apply any cream?
Yes, you can use dermaroller without apply cream. Actually the purpose of applying cream is just to faster the scars removal progress.

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