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• What is a derma roller?

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MT derma roller

Product name : MT derma roller
Item : MT-605
Price : US $4-6 / Piece
Details :
MT-605 MT derma roller 192 needles

Mikroneulaus/micro needle roller therapy skin care

Needle Lenghth and Use By 
0.20mm--Home Use 1.00mm--Medical Use
0.25mm--Home Use 1.50mm--Physician Use
0.30mm--Home Use 2.00mm--Physician Use
0.50mm--Clinical Use 
Skin rejuvenation,skin whiten,hair care,wrinkle removal,
spot removal,cellulite removal,scars removal,large pore reduced.

Apply range:
Skin rejuvenation, whiten, hair care, winkle removal, spot removal, cellulite removal, scars removal, large pore reduced.

G.W: 6KG

Mikroneulaus/derma roller

we would like to offer OEM service for you, including change color,style, package etc

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