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• What is a derma roller?

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MT derma roller

Derma roller para estrias
Product name : MT derma roller
Item : MT-606
Price : US $4-6 / Piece
Details :
 MT-606 MT Dermaroller (para estrias)

Use Methods:


CR10 1.0mm                     CR5 0.5mm 
lmprove Wrinkle,               Skin Whitening, 
Collagen Induction,            lmprove skin pigmentation, 
lmprove Skin Scar,             lmprove wrinkle (eye area), 
Cellulite treatment,           lmprove Alopecia, 
Skin Thickness,                Collagen Induction, 
Face Firming,                  Drug delivery 
Face Body Lifting


CR2 0.2mm                    CR20 2.0mm 
Skin Restoration,              Dark sore concavex hole 
lmprove Alopecia,              Pimple scar
Homecare Therapy,              Severe decline of elasticity 
Active ingredient delivery


CR15 1.5mm 
Pregnancy lines 
Thick wrinkle 
Large pore

G.W: 6KG

Derma roller para estrias

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